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Jazz Education Intensive Program

This is my premiere jazz education program for the serious player that wants to graduate to the next level of musicianship. This course of study requires total commitment from you as a student. If you make this commitment to me, I guarantee you will see astounding results in your level of musicianship.


If you feel like you have spent years studying the language of jazz and haven't gotten very far, this program may be for you. Throughout my career teaching thousands of students, I have developed a system, that when followed correctly, produces truly amazing results for the player looking to reach a professional level. 

Through intense accountability, scientific time management, a carefully curated curriculum of skills that every master musician possesses, and an all-in commitment from you, we can achieve a level of musicianship that you have only dreamed about. 

If these seem like bold claims, it's because they are. Boldness is what we will need when we come together in this program. The boldness to finally take your studies seriously and see consistent, tangible results in your playing.

Because this requires a total commitment from myself as well as my students, this program is extremely limited and only accepts 10 students a year. If your goal is to streamline your education, explode your skills and creativity, and do more in one year than you have in the past decade, please visit the page below and apply to become part of the Jazz Education Intensive.

*Before you apply to this program, get into a growth mindset, commit to hard work, and come ready to learn. This is as much a mental program as a practical one and I need you to be ready to do what's necessary. If you are not WILLING TO INVEST in your musicianship, DO NOT apply to the Jazz Intensive Program.

"I've had a few teachers and Nick is the best. Nick treats the teaching as seriously as he treats the music, and the quality of his lessons and the impact on my playing is real. Nick has an uncanny knack for finding the 1-2 things that I need to work on most every week, and he's always able to convert these gaps in my playing -- whether they are technical, theoretical or artistic -- into crystal clear exercises that many books are simply missing. The best teachers are always pushing themselves in addition their students. The PDFs that Nick generates are great tools for organizing my practice. Our time spent in lessons is always well-structured.

Dan, from Boston

"My son has been taking regular lessons with Nick for over three years.  Nick's personalized attention has significantly improved my son's skills.  Nick has helped my son grow into a strong sax-player, able to sight-read with ease, improvise with confidence, and to take on leadership roles as a young musician.  

Katie, from Maine

"I chose Nick specifically because I could tell that we had similar personalities. He is very good at diagnosing and working through the various challenges I come across, and because each lesson is on-task and productive. I have learned how to make my practicing more efficient, and the accountability from private lessons has helped me to practice effectively.

Mike, from Massachusetts

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