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3 Tips For Young and Beginner Saxophonists (and their teachers!)

Over the years, I have taught many novice saxophone players. Some of them very young, and some of them older. Through this process I have discovered a few things that drastically improve these student's results almost instantly.

A student that can't get a good sound and struggles with faulty equipment is at risk for quitting in the near future. I don't blame them. I would not be excited about playing an instrument if I struggled right from the beginning.

This post and video are of particular importance to band directors and anyone working regularly with large groups of beginners. By remembering these 3 tips, you stand to retain and improve the vast majority of the students that come through your schools. This in turn grows your program and increases the benefits your students get from studying music.

There are, of course, problems that can go beyond the scope of this video and, for that, I recommend referring your students to a competent teacher in your area or over Skype. That being said, taking these suggestions into account can allow you to be sure that some of the most common obstacles to achieving a good sound and basic conception on the saxophone are addressed.

Please enjoy this video and let me know what you think!




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