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Saxophonist & Educator

Jazz Education That Gets Results

Studying jazz with the right person can change your life. Don't settle for a teacher that won't take your goals seriously. Accountability, systematic skill building, and commitment are what it takes to be a great musician. Work with Nick and change your musicianship forever. 

Nick Mainella is a world renowned jazz educator, host of the 10 Minute Jazz Lesson Podcast, and internationally touring musician. To learn more about Nick, visit the about page.

Mickey from Chicago:

"I’d taken lessons and studied basic harmony on my own, with unsatisfactory results. Nick's lessons have improved my playing and knowledge of jazz enormously. I heartily endorse him to anyone who is serious about learning jazz"

Bruce from NH:

"Tried lessons with three different professionals, ended up working exclusively with Nick. My first lesson with Nick was two years ago, my development as a player has exceeded all of my, and friends, expectations. I highly recommend ”

Dan from Boston:

"Nick treats the teaching as seriously as he treats the music, and the quality of his lessons and the impact on my playing is real. He's always able to convert the gaps in my playing -- whether they are technical, theoretical or artistic -- into crystal clear exercises that many books are simply missing."


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