50 Perpetual Motion Exercises

A Guide To Creating Your Own Limitless Jazz Vocabulary

Revolutionize your ability to improvise over chord changes by using the principles of voice leading and chord transitions....

By harnessing the power of phrases that never stop, the circle of fourths, and amazing voice leading, this book will open a world of jazz improvisation you never thought possible. When we understand and practice the principles behind creating amazing vocabulary, we end up with a complete freedom and a completely original vocabulary based on the foundations of the jazz language.

This book contains 50 exercises based on:

  • Major chords

  • Dominant 7th chords

  • Minor 7th Chords

  • The V7-I Progression

  • Short ii-V-I Progressions

  • Long ii-V-I Progressions

  • Diminished Dominant ii-V7b9 Progressions

  • Altered Dominant ii-V7 Progressions

If you are being held back by learning vocabulary but never translating it to your solos, this book is the answer! By hearing and understand what devices we are using, we can seamlessly work this material into our playing quickly. 

Get your instant download of the PDF in treble and bass clef today!